We simplify a complicated process working with multiple government agencies in the

US &​ abroad to obtain H2A & H2B work visas or J1 paid agricultural training and internships.

International Recruitment and Placement Agency

Work Abroad Network facilitates all necessary paperwork for US Employers to legally hire seasonal H2A (Agriculture) and H2B (Non-Ag) visa workers as well as recruit experienced, screened H2A and H2B foreign workers from various countries.  Work Abroad Network provides seasonal opportunities to foreign workers currently in the US.  We have extensive first-hand experience of all the intricate nuances of working with US Employers to obtain timely certifications to employ seasonal foreign workers as well as sourcing and matching suitable foreign workers with US Employers.  


Tina Andrew, owner and founder, also founded Employment USA in 2001 and sold in 2011 to focus on spending more time with her young children.  Fueled with passion to help people and make a difference, clients are skillfully and gently guided through this complex process with the ultimate goal to eliminate all frustrations that is typical when working with these goverment programs and international placements. Tina immigrated to the US from South Africa in 2001 and got involved in this industry after experiening problems with their own visa processes. Clients on both sides will have the benefit of working with someone who truly understands and care about the human element involved in these transactions.  Tina resides in Lawrence, Kansas with husband Peter, son Michael who is pursuing his Olympic dreams in competitive swimming and beautiful daughter, Michaela.  


Belinda Mohr, experienced and passionate international recruiter operates the South African office.  Tina and Belinda look forward to serving former and new clients in this industry.  

Michel Otto, our incredible Operations Manager keeps her finger on the pulse and makes things happen.  You can always count on Michel for anything!

We are not immigration lawyers.  Our services entails petitioning for labor certifications & visas to facilitate seasonal international placements and we do not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.  We cannot represent you in immigration proceedings or court appearances.

Industries We Serve

H2A Jobs (Agriculture)

  • Farms

  • Fruit Growers

  • Vegetable Growers

  • Orchards

  • Tree Nurseries

  • Any seasonal qualifying agricultural positions


J1 Agricultural Exchange Program

  • Paid Agricultural Training Program

  • Paid Agricultural Internships

H2B Jobs (Non-Agriculture)

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Processing

  • Hotel/Resort Desk Clerks

  • Maids/House Keepers

  • Waiters/Waitresses

  • Taxi Drivers/Chauffeurs

  • Landscaping

  • Nurseries

  • Golf

  • Poultry Cutters/Trimmers

  • Any seasonal qualifying non-ag positions

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