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J1 Ag Exchange Paid Agricultural Training and Internships in the USA

MAST International 


Work Abroad Network is a Country Partner for MAST International.  Country Partners help evaluate prospective applicants, assist participants when applying for entry visas, provide pre-departure orientation and assists with travel arrangements. 



Work Abroad Network pre-select and interview candidates.  Applicants are forwarded to MAST International for review.  Our goal is to match applicant's  with a placement site that matches the applicants' interests.  Application is sent to prospective host trainer for consideration.  When a host trainer agrees to work with an applicant, Work Abroad Network will be informed to confirm the placement with the applicant.  The visa documents, training plans, and program materials are sent to the Work Abroad Network who forwards them to the participant.  


You will be required to complete an application, an autobiography or personal statement, proof of school enrollment or graduation, health and medical history statement, provide a copy of your passport information page, a current photo and two reference forms.  We welcome a limited amount of additional information such as a resume and photos of you working in agriculture. 

Internship vs Trainee Program

  • Internship Program - Applicant must be currently enrolled in a college or university, or graduated within the last 12 months (3-12 months)

  • Trainee Program - Applicant must have a college degree, plus one year of work experience, OR five years of work experience.  Experience must be related to the training you are pursuing in the USA.

  • All Applicants must be 18-32 years of age and have conventional English.

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MAST International provided us with a perfectly fitting training program placement at a greenhouse many years ago and now we have the priviledge of coming alongside them and facilitating this incredible exchange program that combines practical, hands on learning experience in agriculture.

Peter and Tina Andrew, Lawrence, KS