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Work Abroad Network (WAN)

Help US Employers legally hire Foreign Workers on the
H2A Visa Program.

We match and place experienced South African farm workers in the USA with H2A certified Employers.

Work Abroad Network (WAN) simplifies an extremely complicated process working with multiple government agencies in the US (SWA, DOL & USCIS) &​ abroad (US Consulate) to obtain H2A (Agriculture) work visas.

We primarily recruit from South Africa but since processes are universal, we assist recruiting and placement of workers from all H2A Eligible Countries.

We are not immigration lawyers.  Our services entails petitioning for labor certifications & visas to facilitate seasonal international placements.  We do not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.  We can't represent you in immigration proceedings or court appearances.
US Employers
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H2A Agricultural Visa
Program Overview

WAN solves American Farmers labor shortage
by utilizing the H2A Visa Program to
provide legal experienced farm workers
from South Africa (primarily)
and other eligible countries listed.  

Cattle at Sunrise
US Employers


WAN handles all necessary paperwork for US Employers to legally and timely hire foreign experienced farm workers on H2A Visa Program.

Support throughout Season

We are a phone call or text away for any questions or needs (we pride ourselves on being available and always answer calls or return calls at earliest convenience). From program rules, workers obtaining social security card, bank accounts, cultural differences, handling conflicts, housing issues, or future planning, etc. we are here for you.

Screening Foreign Workers

Workers WAN submits for review & consideration have obtained Police Clearance, Medical Clearance, and experience listed has been verified.  If they listed it, we require they prove it.  

Research to ensure compliance

Since this is a Federally Governed program, coupled with frequent changes and annual wage updates, we go to the enth degree to ensure we know all ins and outs and updates to keep you in the know as ultimately you are responsible for compliance.

Travel Assistance

WAN facilitates the most economical return travel and work closely with you and foreign worker to ensure soonest arrival after approval of visa at most economical cost available in order to curb your expenses.

Assist Family Members

If and when a spouse or a family is invited to visit during a quiet time in the season and or permitted by US Employer, Work Abroad Network can assist with B1/B2 or H4 visas for spouses and or children.

What We Do



Work Abroad Network (WAN) specializes in recruitment and placement of experienced South African farm workers (due to their skills, grit, desire, ability to clearly communicate and constancy). 


Although we mainly specialize placing South African applicants, we are able to process any foreign workers as long as they are from the eligible countries allowed to come and work in the USA under the H2A Visa Program.


H2A Certification


Work Abroad Network (WAN) is your one stop shop to get certified and hire foreign workers.  


We facilitate and coordinate the entire process from obtaining labor certification and USCIS approval as well as recruit suitable candidates, match candidates with employers, run background checks on applicants, assist with the visa application abroad, as well as coordinate travel arrangements.  

Unparalleled Support


We provide extraordinary support throughout the season to both parties. 


We believe the key to good relationships with our clients (workers and employers) is to treat everyone like we would like to be treated, operate with full disclosure (understanding complex programs and requirements), honesty, and going the extra mile with a smile.

Who May Qualify for H2A Agricultural Program

Any US Agricultural Employer (farmer) or group of Agricultural Employers with a legitimate seasonal or temporary recurring labor need may qualify for this visa program and may apply. 


This program allows agricultural employers with a shortage of local workers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature.


Seasonal nature is when it is tied to a certain time of year by an event or pattern, such as an annual growing cycle, and requires labor levels above what is necessary for ongoing operations.


Employment is of a temporary nature when the employer's need to fill the position with a temporary worker will, except in extraordinary circumstances, last no longer than 1 year.  


If you need a worker year round, you don't qualify for this program.

Smiling Farmer
Who May Qualify?
Harvest Work

Operations We Serve Through H2A Visa Program


(Livestock, Grain, Mixed, other)

Fruit Growers

Vegetable Growers


Tree Nurseries

Bee Keeping

Any seasonal

Qualifying Agricultural Position or 

Ag related Seasonal Jobs


Custom Harvesting


How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for H-2A nonimmigrant classification, the US Employer or an Association of Agricultural Producers must:

  • Be physically located in the US

  • Have FEIN, ability to hire, pay, fire, supervise, or control work or workers employed

  • Be seasonal or temporary, tied to certain time of year by a recurring event or pattern such as annual growing cycle lasting 10 months or less.

  • Work to be performed must be agricultural labor or services such as planting, raising, cultivating, harvesting or production fo any agricultural or horticultural commodity.

  • Offer employment that is of a full time (35 hours or more per week), temporary or seasonal nature

  • Demonstrate that there are not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to do the temporary work

  • Show that employing H2A workers will not negatively affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers

Bee Keeper
How Do I Qualify?
Highway Bridge



Due to ongoing Cap constraints on the H2B Program, Work Abroad Network ceased facilitating this program as a solution for your labor shortage as it has become totally unreliable and counter productive. 


However if you secured H2B Certification and visa numbers, Work Abroad Network can assist with recruitment, Consular Processing and placement of suitable H2B foreign workers.  

Notice to H2B Employers
Research Links
Dairy Farmer


Looking for a Seasonal Farm Job in the US?


We place seasonal farm workers from around the world in certified, legal, approved jobs in the US via the H2A program:

If you have verifiable farming experience, are physically fit, no criminal history and you have a valid passport, complete our 

Online Application

now to start the process. 

We are currently placing workers for the 2023 Spring Season.

South African Workers

Links South African Workers to US Employers


Work Abroad Network serves as the link between US Employers and experienced farm workers from South Africa, Mexico and other eligible countries.  Make sure you check if your country is eligible prior to contacting us.  Seasonal work in the United States provides many skilled farm workers with the opportunity to obtain work abroad.  Being able to communicate and operate fluently in english is necessary.   Having verifiable farming experience and being able to communicate and operate fluently in english is necessary.

It is our aim to make your experience of working abroad as painless, effortless, and enjoyable as possible.

Services we offer

South African Workers


Work Abroad Network have officers in South Africa and in the US.  Our services include recruitment of suitable candidates for seasonal employment, verifying candidates experience, matching workers with US employers, facilitating the interviewing process, preparing candidates for Consular process to obtain work visa.  


We assist candidates throughout the entire process from beginning to end.  Work Abroad Network navigate through visa application process, assist with travel arrangements, and remain in contact with you to provide support for the duration of your contract in the US until safely returning to your home country.  

Where do I start?


Everyone applying from, and crossing from within South Africa, starts the process with Zabeth Le Roux.  Zabeth was the former Operations Manager at the US Consulates in South Africa and has a heart to serve you and make a real difference with her expertise and the opportunities Work Abroad Network facilitates for South African farm workers. 


Michel Otto heads our American Team and ensures expertly that all legal requirements are met by working directly with the the USA local State offices, Regional Department of Labor and USCIS.  As a former seasonal worker herself, Michel knows your needs and concerns personally and you will be in caring and competent hands a simple text or a phone call away.






Contact Us



Working with Tina and Michel has always been a positive experience. Navigating our way through the immigration spider web would be difficult at best if not for the patient professional service of the people at Work Abroad Network. They have helped to not only bring us competent people to help operate our business but to build lifelong friendship's as well.



With the help of Work Abroad Network, Gisi Pheasant Farms has more than doubled its business in the past 10+ years. Tina and her crew ensure our worksite is certified in a timely manner. They recruit, vet, and arrange timely arrival of qualified workers and have been there for us 24/7/365 for emergencies.


WAN are people of integrity, advising of the constant rule changes and giving up to date information pertaining to our workforce.


Thank-you Tina and Michel, our business would not be where it is today without you!


I enlisted the help of Work abroad network to assist me in my visa application.


Belinda Mohr and Tina Andrew did a great job of preparing and compiling my documents.


They are very thorough and extremely competent.

They made "the" difference  and I will encourage anyone to use the service, its well worth it. 


If you are in South Africa, have verifiable farming experience and want to work in the USA, 

If you are in the US and need a new job, visa assistance, or you are a US Employer;

Meet The Team

WAN Monogram.png

Belinda Mohr, residing in South Africa, is  Work Abroad Network's Chief Recruitment Officer. Belinda's passion to help South Africans and her 20+ years of experience placing 1000's of workers, earned her unmatched trust and respect in this industry. 

Simply email Belinda at

Michel Otto.jpeg

Michel Otto, Work Abroad Network's Chief Executive Officer, and honorary member of the Andrew family, keeps her finger on the pulse and makes things happen.


You can always reach Michel and count on her for anything!

Tina Andrew - Head & Shoulders Final.jpeg

Tina Andrew, owner and founder immigrated to the US from South Africa in 2001 and got involved in this industry after experiencing problems with their own visa processes. Clients on both sides will have the benefit of working with a team who truly understands and care about the human element involved in these transactions.  Tina resides in California

Meet The Team
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