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H2B Non-Agricultural Program

H2B Program Overview

The H2B Program is a legal seasonal foreign worker visa program for non-agricultural employers who can demonstrate a recurring seasonal, peak load or one-time occurrence labor need.  Workers can be employed up to ten months of the year.  Work Abroad Network provides carefully sourced suitable H2B workers for US employers as well as skillfully navigate a very tedious process in order to obtainnecessary labor certification and USCIS approval in a timely fashion.

 Who May Apply? 

Any US employer who can demonstrate a recurring seasonal or peak load labor need may apply for the H2B program.  Industries and operations which currently use the H2B program to meet their seasonal labor needs include:


  • Resorts, restaurants and hotels

  • Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners

  • Bartenders, Cashiers, Waiters and Waitresses

  • Butchers and Meatcutters

  • Executive Chefs, Fast-Food, Short-Order or Head Cooks

  • Manufacturers of seasonal items

  • Seasonal retailers and wholesalers

  • Landscape contractors

  • Food processors and produce packers

  • Construction workers

  • and any non ag employers that can demonstrate a seasonal temporary, peak load or once off need.

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