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If you are looking for a great solution to your seasonal and temporary labor needs and are considering hiring foreign workers, simply review H2A Agricultural VisaH2B Non Agricultural Visa or J1 Ag Exchange Program overview and requirements to see if you meet the requirements and complete form below.  You can also call Tina Andrew on 785-760-0601 if you have any questions.

We provide solutions in several types of international employment relationships

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  • H2A Visa Processing

  • H2B Visa Processing

  • Facilitating J1 Ag Exchange Training and Internships

  • Visa Extensions and Rollovers

  • Sourcing, vetting and matching of suitable foreign workers for both work and intern programs

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Working with Tina Andrew has always been a positive experience. Navigating our way through the immigration spider web would be difficult at best if not for the patient professional service of the people at Work Abroad Network. They have helped to not only bring us competent people to help operate our business but to build lifelong friendship's as well.


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We are not immigration lawyers.  Our services entails petitioning for labor certifications & visas to facilitate seasonal international placements and we do not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.  We cannot represent you in immigration proceedings or court appearances.